Architectural Visualization

3D exterior rendering services at OxVisual. We deliver the high standard visualization of your ideas.


Exterior rendering is truly the most effective tool for showcasing the building designs even before its construction begins. Very often, the high quality realistic exterior 3d renderings play crucial role in marketing or selling properties.

The well-created exterior design visualization conveys not the object alone, but also the environment and atmosphere, the mood of the future building. It is about the impression and perception the viewers receive.
We understand the importance and essence of exterior visualization and make sure to provide with the exterior 3d rendering services of the highest quality.

Exterior rendering

Exterior rendering

Do you already know what you want to create with us?

Being fully committed and passionate about exterior modeling, we combine the vitalizing young energy of our team, innovative methods and modern software to create the outstanding 3d renderings. Within the client-centric approach, we work with every project as an exclusive case; our designers offer the solutions that turn it in to unique piece of art.

Our experienced artists make the 3d architectural exterior rendering process clear and understandable, welcoming clients to follow the workflow and bring in alterations fast and easy, we strive for perfection. Therefore, you can watch your ideas get shapes and become real starting from a sketch and up to an amazing photorealistic high scale vivid image.

We stay tuned, follow the most advanced tendencies in exterior design, have accurate understanding of geometry, artistic vision of textures and materials.

We are the OxVisual studio and we offer the extended 3d exterior rendering service that not only helps to facilitate the construction of multi-purpose buildings, but also excites imagination, sells, exceeds expectations, impresses with outstanding results.

Exterior architectural rendering

Exterior architectural rendering

Building 3d exterior rendering is a fascinating process that we mastered in time. Within the help of the most up-to-date tools, our experience and a bit of magic, we create realistic exterior renderings that stand out.

We know how to bring your ideas to life in the most immersive way, providing the viewers with the photorealistic feel and overwhelming experience of presence.

The principles that lay in the base of our architectural visualization process are accuracy and focus on the visual quality, as well as understanding of the intent of the future building.

Do you already know what you want to create with us?

We know how to make accents and highlight the strong sides, without switching attention from the central object (the building itself) in the every 3d exterior render piece we create. At this point geometry and precision in scales are our priorities. Once it is set, modeling of the natural surroundings and exterior details, flooring is made. We understand the importance of the environment and the surroundings and apply the “depth of field” setting to create the sweeping view of the building, fitting the landscape, vegetation, lighting during the specific time of the year, people, etc. We use the effective rendering techniques to create the in-depth experience for the viewers, convey the mood, yet not overwhelm with the contextual elements. There is no insignificant or unimportant detail, so we pay maximum attention and care to the textures, shades, background to achieve the highest level of realism. At the same time, we are consider the specification and client’s demands and needs and bring in the alterations at ease.

We provide the full pack 3d exterior visualization services that perform the tasks of any complexity. We take pride in the every project accomplished and have achieved significant results in creating the finest exterior renders. Even though the whole process of creating 3d exterior renderings opens tremendous space for creativity and unlimited amount of choices, we make sure the final result always meets the client’s needs and vision. No exceptions.

At the same time, we are not only the 3d exterior rendering company, we also offer a number of other services to satisfy all kinds of architectural demands and purposes. We know how to communicate your vision right and make your projects benefit.

Express your ideas to the world with our architectural exterior 3d rendering.

The profound knowledge and understanding of architecture and design, alongside with our extensive experience, allow us to create the truly impressive photo realistic vivid visualization of the buildings of the different types and intent. We provide with the 3d exterior design rendering services that cover residential, commercial real estate, infrastructure, mixed-up use building and property, etc. Taking in to consideration the type and peculiar properties of each project, we strive to perform the immersive exterior architecture rendering that suits the needs of the particular client the best. Every project accomplished by our team of professionals is just another proof, that 3D exterior visualization is without a doubt, a powerful tool that is equally useful for the homeowners, designers, artists, companies, top notch businessmen.

Commercial architecture

Planning a huge project? shopping center, skyscraper, office building, factory? Learn how you can benefit from it with us. We achieved prominent results in creating the eye-catching 3d visualizations, which stand out and provide with the most realistic feeling. We design exterior of commercial buildings, giving the extra attention to the details and the general atmosphere of presence. Let our stunning renders promote your project and speak the appealing language to the investors, help you communicate with builders effectively.

Residential architecture

D exterior house rendering is a simple and exciting way to look at the future property, especially useful for the homeowners, realtors, designers and house developers. The accurately represented vision impresses the viewers with the realistic experience, is gives the atmosphere and the spirit of the house. On the practical side makes renovating, selling, building processes easier.

The level of customizations makes possible to view all the fixable architectural elements of the construction, add likable details and bring in corrections, apply various types of lighting, weather conditions, site map, etc. We operate the best software to create the genuinely breathe-taking visuals of your future property.

Real Estate Architecture

Depending on the client’s requirements, we offer a number of solutions for the multi-purpose or mixed-up usage buildings in 3d exterior rendering, We are open and ready to create the quality exclusive visuals of the most challenging and uncommon projects. Our precise 3D renders in high scales can be used as a communicative tool with the local government, for obtaining permits and approvals, demo of how the future building integrates with the existing surroundings and architecture.

Building 3d exterior rendering workflow. Watch your project come to life

Within the dedication, experience and highly professional skills we turn the workflow of creating еhe exterior 3d rendering in to a streamlined process, divided in to accurate stages and timeframe.

Our team provides with the support and are always open for communication, to ensure that your experience with our company is easy, convenient, clear and comprehensive on all levels.

Let us take you from a sketch to a stunning high-quality professional 3d exterior renderings step by step.

How to get your project started?

1. Get in touch

Within the order, forward some input data to us.

Send sketches, blueprints, CAD, PDF or DWG files, references, drawings, as well as your ideas and important details and an overview of the project.

This is the starting point and the base for 3d rendering exterior design. We are eager to learn your full wishes, ideas and expectations; various details will help to efficiently implement the renderings.

A brief discussion is also important at this point, as there is no common rule, every project is unique. In some cases, even the rough sketches or a napkin drawing could serve as a source file. Everything depends on the intended use and concept of the project.

2. Clay render or the first draft

We process the data and information and our exterior designers will get back to you with the first draft, according to the requirements and agreed deadlines.

It is called the clay render, this is the plain image, with no colors, texture or detail relevance. We can offer several views and perspectives for selection if needed.

3. Review, make corrections

Your action is required, such as reviewing, adding comments, making sure that every object is depicted. Any revisions or adjustments can be made.

4. Updating the render, second draft

With all the edits set, the draft is being rendered. Your project comes alive with all the details, lighting, shadows, and environment. This is the second draft and it is going to be the close to the final look.

5. Final approval

Once you receive the second draft, make sure it is aligned with your vision, you may still bring in corrections, add, replace elements and details

6. Getting result, the final renders ready

After we get your approval and make the last adjustments, you will receive the final version of architectural exterior 3d renderings of your project in high resolution.

We provide with the 3d exterior renderings service that is flexible to fit and accomplish the needs of any client.

Within the help of the newest software and tools, we offer the unlimited variations of visualization of exterior lighting, weather conditions and hyper-realistic design details, various angles, such as 3d rendering exterior birds eye view and much more.

Each project is unique and important and we are constantly mastering our service to craft the sensational exclusive appealing visuals in the every given case.

What factors affect the 3d exterior rendering price? Get premium quality at reasonable cost

We apply our resources, experience and skills to not just create the breathe-taking immersive exterior architectural visualization but also make it affordable. We take in to consideration the complexity of the object, the specifications of the modeling, intricacy of architecture and landscape, the level of detailing, timeframe and number of renders needed. These are the examples of the major factors that determine the price for exterior render.

As a client, you decide on how much of the environment should visible in your project, how many of the design features, elements and textures have to added.

In that way, 3d rendering exterior cost is based on your preferences and requirements. In our turn, we help to balance the price with the amount of features. Our designers are open to consult and outline what aspects are crucial for every individual project. We respect our clients and are upfront about the excessive styling and the extra cost that could be avoided.

We offer the flexible moderate and transparent pricing policy. To find out more about it and get the precise cost for your particular project, please contact us.

We accomplish the large-scale, also urgent projects and deliver the results in the accurate way, yet taking care of your budget.

By trusting your project to us, you are guaranteed to get the 3d rendering exterior job of high standard done in time. We provide with the quality control system and real time support. Start your project now.